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25" Premium Gathered Crawler Body - NEW DESIGN! - #3845

This body fits 24-25" crawling kits, such as our Amelia, Kenzie, and Brooklyn Crawling kits.

To see what body your Bountiful Baby kit uses, view the 'Related Items" under the description of your desired kit.

Bountiful Baby's newest innovative body design!


NOTE: This body uses cable ties, which are included. (If you need additional cable ties, see related items below.)

This is our newest, innovative body design. The arms and legs are enclosed with an inside cover. This will prevent stuffing from coming out while assembling.

This adorable, cuddly body is a Bountiful Baby's exclusive design with a gathered chest and the most adorable gathered baby bottom. The gathers are reinforced so that they will stay in place even as the elastic ages. Made of a flesh color fabric, this body is made to last. All seams are serged for added durability. Comes ready to stuff with cable ties already threaded through for you.

The length the baby ends up will depend on the limbs and head of the baby you start with, but typically will be about 25" when completed.

This body measures about 11"from the top of the neck to the crotch (the exact measurement depends on precisely where it is measured as well as whether the body is stuffed or unstuffed at the time of measurement).