Magnets - ONE (Regular Size) MAGNET- #1682

These are the most powerful magnets we have found for their size. Put one of these inside the doll head, and a second one in a specially-modified binkie (with the nipple end cut off), and even a closed-mouth reborn baby can take a pacifier! Or, put one inside the doll body, near the navel, and create your own "detachable" umbilical cord!

WARNING: These magnets are not intended to be used by children. Besides the fact that they are a choking hazard, swallowing two magnets can cause serious health concerns or possible death due to forming holes in or clamping off the intestines. Care should be taken with magnets as they may effect computer monitors, floppy disks, credit cards or pacemakers.

The penny is shown for size illustration purposes only. Price is for ONE (Regular Size) MAGNET ONLY (size is 0.375" x 0.125")! You typically use them in pairs, so you probably want to buy more than one. Or, possibly buy one of these regular sized magnets, and one large magnet.

The pull force for this magnet is 3.6 lbs.

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