About Us/ Shipping & Return Policies

Using state-of-the-art preproduction technology (for molds) pioneered by Bountiful Baby, coupled with strategic partnerships with several vinyl rotational molding facilities across multiple continents in multiple countries, we are bringing you the finest quality, safest, and highest detail kits available anywhere-- and at rock bottom prices.

We are simply the best deal available anywhere in the reborn doll kit market, and the largest reborn supply store in the world. In business since 2001, we have introduced micro-rooting and many other innovations to the reborn doll market. We proudly serve you from our 26,931 square foot distribution & manufacturing facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah, just a few miles south of the Salt Lake City International Airport. 

We do business under the trade name of Bountiful Baby, but Bountiful Baby is actually a registered DBA (registered within the state of Utah), as well as a federally registered trademark of our true company name, DP Creations, LLC (a Utah company).

Nevin and Denise Pratt (the owners of DP Creations, LLC) have been fortunate to have been able to self-fund company operations throughout its entire history, thus leaving total company control in their hands at all times, which has helped the company achieve its growth in serving the doll industry.


What is a Realborn?

Realborn® represents an advancement in the way kits are produced in the reborning industry, using technology to recreate real babies instead of from sculpts, and without using a single ounce of polymer clay.

The beauty, innocence, and soul of the newborn child are captured like never before in these stunning, heaven-sent creations. The most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world! Created from 3D scans of the real baby by our team of artists, designers, and technicians at Bountiful Baby.

Realborn babies are exclusive to Bountiful Baby. 

Click here to learn more about how Realborns are made.



Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: we do not share our data-- period. Also, customers are only sent customer-wide emails if you subscribe to such emails, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Shipping Policy


The Warehouse usually ships within 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays). Your tracking number is automatically emailed to you at the time of shipping. Such rapid shipping is usually a good thing, but it does make it difficult to cancel an order once placed unless you contact us very quickly! Once an order has begun processing, it cannot be cancelled. Also, orders cannot be altered or combined, but they can be canceled if the order has not been processed. This is because our website automatically generates the labels and Customs forms, and it does so base upon the order, hence the package contents must exactly match the order. This means to alter an existing order, the old order must be canceled and a new order created.


USA Shipping Policy:

We guarantee shipment delivery. This means that for US shipments, we guarantee the US Postal Service will record delivery within 15 business days (excludes Sundays, Saturdays, and holidays) for Priority Mail shipments, and 20 business days (excludes Sundays, Saturdays, and holidays) for orders that must be shipped via Ground (although unusual, every once in awhile it takes that long). If they do not record delivery within that time, we will reship your order upon request. However, once the US Postal Service records delivery, our delivery guarantee is satisfied, and our shipment obligation has ended.

International Shipping Policy:

For International shipments, our shipping guarantee only extends to the point where the package arrives at an ISC International Sort Facility Service Center, International Transfer Airport or International Distribution Center, or the Shipping Partner GlobalPost Facility, but again we guarantee that tracking will show that this occurs within 20 business days, or we will reship your order on request (the reason we guarantee only to the ISC Sort Facility, International transfer airport/ distribution center, or GlobalPost facility, is because the next stop is Customs at the foreign country, and foreign Customs often does not scan the item again until *after* they are done with it, which unfortunately sometimes takes several weeks). However, once tracking with the US Postal Service shows that the package has arrived at the ISC Sort Facility, Transfer Airport, Distribution Center, or GlobalPost Facility, our delivery guarantee is satisfied, and our shipment obligation has ended. By placing an order on our site, you agree to these shipping terms.

All US shipments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (with delivery confirmation).

All international shipments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International. 

For legal and insurance reasons, we are required to claim the full value of the order on all customs documents for all international shipments. This value is the price you paid for the order, not including shipping. If you have a concern about the amount of customs fees that you may be charged, please contact your local authorities. Customs fees are a tax levied by your country, and we have no control over them, nor any knowledge of what they might be. It is the customers responsibility to know/pay any incurred Customs or Post handling fees. You will need to talk to your Customs Office for more information on what these fees may be prior to purchasing.

Return Policy

All purchases are fully guaranteed! You may return any item within 30 days for a refund. Items returned must be in the same condition as received (original condition), and you must pay the return shipping fee (shipping, in either direction, is never refunded unless the return was due to a mistake made by us. Shipping cost is not refunded for 'refused' items).

When an exchange is desired, all exchanges are handled as a refund for the original item, allowing you to place a new order for the item, (you can see that we don't do exchanges-- we only do refunds, which leaves you free to reorder whenever you wish, and it gives us a simple, uniform way to handle all returns).

The items must also be returned in their original packaging. Vinyl parts must be in an enclosed plastic bag. This protects the vinyl parts from coming into contact with ink from the box or invoice, which can stain the vinyl and make those parts no longer re-sellable. Items returned must also be returned from a smoke free environment, and the items must be free of any pet hair or odor. 

Our return address is listed below.

Return Address 

2140 South 3600 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

What we need with the return is something that identifies the order from which it was purchased. A copy of the order included with the return works well for that, but anything that helps us identify the original order can be used. Once we receive the return, and identify the order that it was purchased from, we will refund the same funding source that was used to place the original purchase (i.e., if you paid via credit card, the same credit card will be credited for the return-- or if you paid via PayPal, the refund will be returned to your PayPal account, etc.).