NEW! Matte Varnish - Gemini Heat Set Paint - 22 grams #2335

Contains 22+ grams by weight, which is 1/2 oz. by volume.

Click here for our Heat Set Paint-By-Number Instruction Manual.

Gemini Heat Set paints and varnishes are non-toxic and UV resistant.

Compatible with Genesis

Bake at 265-270° F for 12-15 minutes.

For best results use without thinning.

About the Gemini Matte Varnish:

It is the texture in some of the other matte varnishes that gives them the matte effect. This is why they need to be heavy and sticky. This is not the case with Gemini Matte. It is one of the ingredients in the varnish that gives it the matte effect so it can be creamy and smooth. The thinner the layer, the more matte effect, as long as the vinyl is completely covered. You can reduce the matte effect by increasing the thickness of the layer. If it goes too satin you can put another thin layer of matte on and bring it back to full matte. This attribute makes it so you can put on a thin smooth layer with a full matte effect. If you like texture just leave it with some texture before you cure.

We found that opening the door on the oven after it is up to 265 F will cause the temperature sometimes to decrease 5 -10 degrees. You need enough time at or above 265 F to cure the varnish. You can experiment with the duration in the oven if you need to, but we found that 265 - 270 F for 12-15 minutes works pretty good. We do most of our testing at 15 minutes with very good results. If you have extra thin vinyl and you are worried about melting the vinyl at 15 minutes, try more bakes at shorter time intervals. At 15 minutes, it should cure with 1 bake.