6Pc Stainless Steel Ultimate Hemostat Set (5", 6.1/4", 8" Straight & Curved) - #2471

Hemostats are an indispensable tool for reborning! They are used for swabbing paint or glue inside the head, and for swabbing paint inside the limbs. They work better than a paint brush. They are also great for removing excess paint, and they are excellent for removing or grasping needles inside the head. You can also use them as an aid in stuffing bodies.

This is a complete set of SIX different hemostats, so that you can find the exact one that is best for the specific job you are needing it for at the time.  6pc Hemostat Set Includes:

     5" Self-Locking Straight Hemostats
     5" Self-Locking Curved Hemostats
     6-1/4" Self-Locking Straight Hemostats
     6-1/4" Curved Hemostats
     8" Self-Locking Straight Hemostats
     8" Self-Locking Curved Hemostats

• 1Pc of Each Style
• Stainless steel
• Self-locking 
• Serrated tip for a better grip