FIVE Brush Set - #2667

This is the recommended paint brush set for painting with Genesis and Golden Acrylic paints. This set includes all the brushes you will need to paint your doll following the instructions by Denise Pratt (click here to see the Genesis instructions). You may want to add additional brushes to your collection, but this set will get you started.

This set includes:

* Lunar Mop 3750 1/2 inch brush (our item #2620)-- great for blushing and adding details such as stork bites;
* Golden Taklon Round 3750 brush size 1 (our item #2618)-- perfect for large veining;
* Golden Taklon Flat Shader 3750 brush size 2 (our item #2619)--for lips and nails;
* Golden Taklon Liner 3750 brush size 10/0 (our item #2617)--perfect for fine detail such as painting tiny capillaries.
* Golden Taklon Short Liner 3750 brush size 18/0 (our item #2616)--perfect for eyebrows.

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