One Ounce Uncut 42 Gauge FORKED Needles - #4486 (28)

3 inches long-- these needles have a very small fork on the end. They do not have barbs on the edges like most felting needles do. ONE OUNCE of Uncut Forked Felting Needles is approximately 28 needles. Click the picture on the left to see a close-up picture of the tip of this needle.

Groz-Beckert is a German company, but their needles are actually made in Portugal. Most of the entire world market for felting needles is in German hands (even though Germany does not actually manufacture any felting needles any more).

THIS IS FOR UNCUT NEEDLES. If you want to use them in our rooting tool, you must cut them. We sell an excellent pair of cutters for cutting them, as item #1140. They are the best we have ever tried for cutting these needles. We also sell a "Second Best" pair of cutters which are also pretty good (not as good as #1140, though), and about 1/4 the cost as #1140! Our SB Cutters ("Second Best") are item #1229.

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