Realborn® Canon Sleeping (20" Reborn Doll Kit)

A Realborn® is a replica of a real baby. The most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world! Created from 3D scans of the real baby.

Realborn® Canon is the grandson of Nevin and Denise Pratt (owners of Bountiful Baby, or BB).  Canon is also the real younger brother of our Realborn® Joseph.  Our employee Melinda 3D scanned Canon on 4/9/18.  The photography of the actual baby was done by Jessica (BB employee, and daughter of Nevin and Denise) on 4/5/18.  Final computer editing of the 3D files was then done by our employee Melinda on 10/10/19, and Canon was sent for production on 11/5/19 (all sculptures, scans, and photographs are protected by Federal copyrights, and we vigorously defend them).

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This kit has full arms and legs and comes unpainted and ready to reborn. Canon is about 20" inches long when completed, with a head circumference of approximately 14.5".

Canon can wear either newborn sized or 0-3 month clothing, depending on the sizing of the brand and how stretchy the clothing is.

Plugs and Rings are optional. Click this link for IMPORTANT information about plugs and rings.

Plugs Rings Eyes Wig Body #
Head 40mm 74mm N/A 14-15 #3585
Legs 35mm 60mm #3755
Arms 24mm 50mm

(These items are sold separately. See related items below.)