Razor Comb - #4610

Comb on one end, styling razor on the other!

Perfect for giving wigs and rooted hair that "never cut" newborn look. The back side of the razor comb with the very short teeth works best on mohair. Includes 5 very sharp blades. Comb holds two blades.

You will either get a silver, blue, or red comb (sorry not a customer choice).

Hair Styling Instructions by Denise Pratt

Styling Baby's Hair

 Using a styling razor, shape the baby's hairline. For a newborn look, leave the babies hair longer in the front and shorter on the side front of the head. Cut away excess hair on the back and sides of the head.

Layer the hair a little making the hairs shorter on the top of the head to allow the hair to be fluffed up.

Remember to take this step slowly and carefully, you can always cut away more hair, but it is not as easy to add hair if you remove too much.

After styling the baby's hair, you may want to wet the hair using a wet baby soft brush and put a nylon sock over the baby’s head being careful not to cover the lashes, then allow hair to dry and remove the sock. The cut off foot of a pair of nylons works great for this. This will take away the frizzy look that mohair tends to get after rooting. With premium wavy or curly mohair, you can wet the hair and add a little styling mouse, then pick and shape the hair and let dry to bring out the curls.

Caring for Mohair

Brush baby’s hair as needed, with a baby soft brush. Your baby’s mohair may require a little extra grooming, but the beauty and soft feel of this hair makes it worth a little effort.

Mohair is a natural fiber and it is natural for there to be some shedding. Brush baby's hair as you would a real newborn's hair to keep the hair smooth and separate.

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